How To Prosper in the New Gig Economy

The Secrets to Working On Your Own Terms, With The Hours You Want To Dedicate, At The Times That Are Most Convenient, The Pay Rate You Decide, And The Geographic Freedom That You Deserve

VirtualiaNet teaches the nine most in-demand digital skills that enables the student to create a simple side-gig income, or a full time career. The nine digital skills are taught from scratch and recommend that the student have a GED or higher and basic computer skills.

There exists a flourishing market from entry-level through expert so the freelancer can increase their rates as they gain experience and expand their 5-star rating portfolio. Our training teaches the student the technical and soft skills to get 5-stars on every project.

VirtualiaNet Offers Its Online Freelancing Course With Live Weekly Coaching To Partner Organizations such as Universities and Non-Profits That Service the End-User Student...

Students can progress through the online course on their own pace.  They learn how the freelancing market works, best practices for creating and managing their freelancing profile on the leading websites, and the nine digitals vocations so they can ultimately select the ones that are most aligned with their interests and natural talents.

The online course is complemented by weekly video Open Office sessions that creates a team spirit where everyone is learning from the questions and each other's experiences from each gig that they are in the process of working.

The Gig Economy Provides Opportunities For People From All Walks Of Life That Seek New Side Income Streams Or Dedicated Career With An Entrepreneurial Path That Minimizes Risk

  • Youths from underserved neighborhoods that have a GED or higher can learn to do remote work for businesses worldwide and be less dependent on their local economy. 
  • College students that seek part-time work while studying can personalize the hours that they work doing freelancing gigs and choose projects that complement their studies and intended career path.
  • Single moms that wish to work from home can choose freelancing gigs that gives them flexibility on the hours that they work so they don't have to invest in daycare. 
  • People who choose to live outside of a big city where the job market resides and benefit from lower rent and healthier environments.
  • Returning citizens that are looking for employment that bypasses the traditional resume/interview process and provides them with an even playing field for sustainable work with geographic independence.
  • Anyone that has a job with a limited future and wishes to expand to these digital skills that apply to freelancing and a full-time job with a higher income.

The Gig Economy is the Secret Profession Hidden in Plain Sight

Here are the key data points from the research study, Freelancing in America, commissioned by Upwork in 2019:

  • 57M Americans freelanced in 2019. This increased to 59M in 2020.
  • The Freelancing market is the 4th largest US industry and is reaching $1T.
  • Younger generations are more likely to freelance - 53% Gen-Z's; 40% Millennials; 31% Gen X.
  • Freelancing opens up opportunities - 46% of freelancers agree that freelancing gives them the flexibility they need because they are unable to work for a traditional employer due to personal circumstances.
  • 7 out of 10 freelancers are interested in moving somewhere other than a large city, if the opportunities were the same. Remote work freelancing gives them that flexibility.
  • Tech is enabling freelancing - 77% of freelancers say technology has made it easier to find freelance work.
  • Soft skills matter - 78% of freelancers agree that soft skills are equally as important as technical skills to succeed in their work.
  • Education needs to adapt - 89% of freelancers wish education better prepared them for freelance work.
  • Top professionals freelance - 64% say that professionals who are top in their industry are increasingly choosing to work independently.

Why is Freelancing a Smart Choice for a Dedicated Career or Extra Income?

The freelancing websites are very well organized and they make finding jobs and managing them very straightforward:

  • The freelancing websites are an exchange where clients post jobs and freelancers apply to projects that appeal to them and match their skills.
  • When a client hires the freelancer their payment method is approved and managed by the freelancing exchange. Once the project is submitted and the client accepts it, the funds are released to the freelancer.
  • If the freelancer is working on an hourly basis they use an app to track their time and are guaranteed to get paid.
  • The freelancing exchanges provide earnings report that can be used for tax filing.
  • There are dozens of freelancing exchanges and some specialize in certain skills.
  • Many of the freelancing jobs turn into repetitive gigs. With just a few clients, the freelancer earns the equivalent or more than a full-time job. If the freelancer loses one client, they are still generating an income and can simply search for a new client to replace them.

Which Digital Professions Do We Teach and What's The Entry-Level Pay?

The VirtualiaNet training teaches nine digital skill starting from scratch. The student might have additional skills that they learned in school or with another job that they can easily leverage as a freelancer. Our training teaches best practices for creating the freelancer profile and how to manage the client to earn a 5-star rating with each gig. Plus, our live Open Office session each week will coach the student through the course and with their paid assignments.

Gig Economy Workers Have Less Stress and More Purpose

  • Constant Workflow - When a Freelancer gets more than four positive ratings, on average, they will get one out of every four Gigs they apply for
  • Full Time Work - Many Gigs can turn into repetitive monthly assignments
  • No Need to Chase Payments - The Freelancing Websites manage the money exchange so both sides are protected. 
  • 90-Day Plan - The course and all nine digital vocations are designed to be completed in 90 days when they can start applying for jobs.
  • Fast - The practitioner should complete the course and select which of the nine digital professions they want to focus on within the first 60 days, then start replying to job post in month 3, and finally reach a sustainable income in less than 6-months.

The Freelancer Decides When Their Skillset is Worthy of a Pay Raise

As The Freelancer Accumulates Their 5-star Rating Portfolio They Can Decide When To Raise Their Rates

  • Skills are Highly Attainable - Professions such as Web Content Creator require basic writing skills, we give them easy-to-follow formulas for article creation, show them how to do the online research and then give them the research results in PDF files so they can practice the assignments without an Internet connection.
  • Few Clients = Full Time Work - Customer Support, Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager and Online Advertising Manager lend themselves to monthly recurring Gigs.
  • Easy to Use Tools - Web Design, Transcriber and Translator leverage online tools that make the Gigs easy to perform and manage.

VirtualiaNet is more than just an online course. Our weekly live coaching session is like having a team of experts looking over the students shoulder at each step...

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