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VirtualiaNet Has Over 25,000 Students In Over 40 Countries

VirtualiaNet originally launched in the Spanish market and was widely successful as it grew to over 25,000 clients worldwide. The course was later translated into English and, instead of marketing directly to consumers, the business model evolved to working with partner organizations to help them enhance their existing services.

The majority of the freelancing market is in English so the overwhelming success in the Spanish market is just an indicator of the potential for this remote-work opportunity.

In the Spanish consumer market, VirtualiaNet had 809,0171 followers on their Facebook Fan Page and 17,020 subscribers on their Youtube Channel that was made up only of testimonials ranging from young students to retired couples.

VirtualiaNetwork, LLC Founders

Juan Martitegui, was the CEO Mindvalley Hispanic. Mindvalley is a leading personal development publisher and that's where he initially launched VirtualiaNet. Juan is currently running a 7-figure per month e-commerce business.

Phil Alfaro, a career entrepreneur, is leading the partner development and training worldwide for VirtualiaNetwork. He ran an online entrepreneur academy for 12 years and currently does freelancing as a side income.

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